New Samsung smartphones will support BTC and ETH

The Galaxy S20 smartphones, the flagships of Samsung, have introduced a cryptocurrency storage function, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. Devices will work with all tokens on the ERC20 protocol. For this, the developers have built in a processor that supports working with private keys from blockchain wallets. The information was officially published on the Samsung website.

Representatives of the largest corporation confirmed that they had created a secure processor to protect the password, PIN-code, private blockchain keys and the template. Together with the Knox platform, security has been implemented in all elements of the new smartphone - from software to electronics. All personal data will remain under reliable protection, and no one will be able to access them.

For the first time, an application for working with cryptocurrencies called Blockchain Keystore was introduced at the beginning of last year. Its users could install on last year's flagship Galaxy S10. Now this program is available to owners of smartphones in the USA, South Korea, Canada, Germany, Great Britain, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Portugal, Denmark, Austria, Finland, Iceland and Norway.

Last October, Samsung also began working with the Tron Foundation. Blockchain Keystore has implemented TRX coin support in its digital token application. Against this background, the cost of altcoin has increased by 50 percent in a matter of days.