A Canadian bank does not currently see the need to launch a national stablecoin. At the same time, representatives of the department do not exclude this in the future if there is a real competitor to fiat currency on the market.

Earlier, representatives of the Bank of Canada actively worked on the issue of central bank digital coins (CBDC) and tested the technology of the Corda blockchain platform from the R3 consortium with the participation of the Singapore Currency Office.

This week, Deputy Head of Regulator Timothy Lane made a speech and voiced the position of the Canadian Central Bank. He noted that there are currently no promising CBDC options. Canadians will continue to be served by the current payment ecosystem in view of modernization.

Lane noted that the massive distribution of private altcoins could change the ... Read more »

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The German Federal Financial Supe rvisory Authority or BaFin for the first time called cryptocurrencies a financial instrument.

The regulator explained that the definition of digital assets is the same for several organizations, including the group developing financial measures to combat money laundering. Information appeared in Finance Magnates.

A BaFin statement said cryptocurrencies are a digital value not issued or guaranteed by any central bank or government agency. Also, it is not necessarily associat ... Read more »

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Brian Armstrong, the head of Coinbase, shared with his readers why the coronavirus, combined with the monetary policies of different countries, favorably influenced the value of cryptocurrencies. What does Peter Schiff think about investing in Bitcoin and altcoins?

On March 3, the US Federal Reserve, which serves as the Central Bank, lowered its base interest rate to 1–1.25% (previously it was 1.5–1.75%). The adoption of this decision is due to the spread of the most dangerous virus on the planet, creating additional risks for activity in the economic sectors.

Armstrong is confident that this provides a good environment for investing in digital assets. According to him, the governments of different countries will begin to lower interest rates and cash emissions, as a result of which bitcoin and altcoins must certainly rise in price.

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The BTC to the dollar broke the limit of $ 9,000. Now the average market value of the asset is $ 9,126, and daily growth exceeded 4%. Analyst Yuval Gov from the Cryptopotato portal is confident in the continued growth of the main digital coin. He believes that the value of the coin after fixing above 9,000 will be able to rise to a resistance level of $ 9,300, which is expressed by the 50-day moving average.

If the Bitcoin rate breaks this value, the next target will be the lines of $ 9,400 and $ 9,600. Gov also noted that in the event of a fall in the value of cryptocurrency, the first serious obstacle will be the 200-day moving average, which runs around $ 8,700-8,750. If the coin rate continues to fall, the next support will be formed at 8,650 and then at $ 8,500.

Yuval Gov also said that a gradual increase in trading volume and the RSI indicator speaks in favor ... Read more »

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For cryptocurrencies to begin to spread more actively in the world, their advantages should be obvious to consumers. From this point of view, the technical director of the PayPal payment system spoke. That is how he commented on the decision of the Indian Supreme Court to remove restrictions on the use of digital assets, giving an interview to Times of India.

Digital coins are used primarily for playing with assets, and have not turned into a self-sufficient currency. The main rule in this business is that companies should follow customers. If consumers can appreciate the benefits of cryptocurrencies, everything else will happen by itself.

At the same time, the PayPal technical director is confident that the money will become digital over time. To this end, financial companies, sellers, consumers, authorities and regulators from different countries should combine t ... Read more »

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In blokcheyn network major world cryptocurrency broken a new record for the complexity of mining. Figure reached 16.55 trillion. hashes - the information provided kriptovalyutny portal the previous record was at the level of 15.44 trillion. hashes, and it lasted for a month, as was recorded February 11, 2020.

Increasing complexity of mining Bitcoins can be due to the partial recovery of the equipment supply for production cryptocurrency giants like Bitmain and Canaan. As a result of the increased number of miners and increased the amount of computing power in blokcheyne Bitcoin.

Recalculation of the complexity of mining Bitcoins happens every couple of weeks. It is required for the corre ... Read more »

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The CME Chicago Commodity Exchange, where users trade options and futures on BTC, stops working and closes the operating room. This will happen tomorrow - March 13, 2020. This is a precaution caused by the spread of a deadly virus.

Heads of the exchange noted that among employees there were no cases of infection. When the site returns to its usual schedule, it is not reported - it all depends on the medical recommendations for combating the pandemic, the CME reported.

To date, more than 1,300 cases of infection with the Chinese virus have already been officially recorded in America. Because of this, the president announced the termination of any transport links between the United States and Europe, including air and sea transportation. All routes will be closed for 30 days, and the new rules should take effect tomorrow at midnight.

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This morning, the BTC against the dollar began to plummet after a short break. The week began with a new recession in global markets triggered by the coronavirus and the depreciation of oil. According to the CoinMarketCap portal, the Bitcoin exchange rate to the dollar is now only $ 4,702. During the day, it fell by 13%, and all other cryptocurrencies from the top 20 are in the red zone.
Earlier it was reported that the US Federal Reserve has taken measures to stimulate the situation, but they did not lead to anything. Analysts suggest that lowering the interest rate to almost zero marks the Federal Reserve’s own problems, while serious injections of liquidity did not stimulate stock market growth.

It is believed that such incentives to increase consumer spending are less effective due to the closure of stores and other facilities in many countries. As bitcoin and stocks got closer to the new blac ... Read more »

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The volume of transactions in the Bitcoin network set a new record, falling to an annual minimum. The last time at this level coins were traded in March last year. Nick Carter, the founder of Coin Metrics, explained the situation by the heterogeneity of transactions by nature. Part of the operations is the movement of digital coins, and another significant part is the fixation of data from third-party services.

The Omni protocol works with the data, on which Tether stablec ... Read more »

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Throughout the past week, the cryptocurrency market has been falling, but yesterday the coins began to strengthen. Bitcoin per day went up by almost 25%, having won back everything lost during the last week. Experts believe that the coin is strengthened due to what it initially collapsed - coronavirus.

Over the past day, the market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies, according to Coinmarketcap, has grown by almost 20% - from 157 billion to $ 187 billion. This growth was the first in the cryptocurrency market since the spread of the deadly virus around the world.

The most popular coin for a day has risen in price and overcame the $ 6,700 mark, and is currently trading at $ 6,598. The cryptocurrency has not seen such a rapid growth since October 2019.

Bitcoin to US dollar rate per day
Bitcoin rate per day. Source ... Read more »

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