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How does Microsoft offer cryptocurrency mining?

Microsoft has announced its readiness to create an innovative cryptocurrency mining system. It is based on a new source of energy - data on training and other physical activity of people throughout the day.
The corporation filed a patent application with the World Intellectual Property Organization last Thursday. Representatives of the computer giant Microsoft announced that the sensors can capture activity related to certain tasks, such as the time of viewing ads. It will be converted to computer-readable data to solve computational problems. In many respects, this system is similar to the standard technology for performance testing.

Instead of the large-scale computing work that is required by conventional cryptocurrency systems, data generated with the user's physical activity in mind will be able to prove the work. Accordingly, the user, unnoticed for himself, will solve complex computational problems.

The basis of the system will be physical activity for mining digital coins: sensors will capture when a person performs certain actions based on the acceleration of the pulse, and this information will be used to process blocks. Scanners connected to the head will use the brain waves and signals that the brain sends during the mental workload - this will allow to extract cryptocurrencies.

Representatives of the computer giant Microsoft say that the system can be used to stimulate people in different areas. Scanners will capture activity in a variety of tasks, including mental concentration when reading ads for which users will be rewarded with digital assets.

It is noteworthy that in 2017 the Dutch company was already checking whether a person could produce enough energy to mine digital coins. The test results then confirmed that at a body temperature of 37 degrees in a couple of hours a person can collect energy sufficient for continuous operation of the PC for eight days.

Despite the willingness to develop a unique system from Microsoft, when exactly the company will take up its implementation is unknown. It is also impossible to say whether this protocol will be able to function on a branch of any existing blockchain or will be based on a fundamentally new blockchain.

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