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In the US, they are assembling a team to develop a digital dollar

The Digital Dollar Foundation has announced the formation of an advisory group, which will participate in the development of the basis for the creation of the national digital currency of the US Central Bank. The group will include 22 people who will explore the potential areas and uses of the digital dollar.

The nonprofit Digital Dollar Foundation was founded in 2020 by Accenture and J. Christopher Giancarlo, who previously served as chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. Consulting has already cooperated with the Central Banks, including the Canadian, European, Riksbank and the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

The advisory group will include experts in financial technology, cryptocurrencies, capital markets, banking, privacy and property rights. There will also be faculty, academics and economists.

The experience of new members of the group will play an important role as professionals can work together to make the dollar a more effective currency against the backdrop of the evolving digital economy.

The advisory team is comprised of payment specialists such as Visa Kai Sheffield, cryptocurrency department head, and Jesse McWatters, vice president of global digital policy at Mastercard. Former government officials include former Treasury Secretary for Financial Intelligence and Terrorism Seagal Mandelker, as well as former Commissioner for the Exchange and Securities Commission Mike Brewer. Former Goldman Sachs CIO and CFO Martin Chavez will introduce the capital markets.

David Tritt, Senior Accenture Managing Director, said that in his view, the digital currency of American Central Bank would be the basis for an inclusive and efficient global financial system.

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