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Opera will receive a cryptocurrency purchase feature

The possibility to buy cryptocurrencies through Opera browser will be received by users from 28 countries, including the countries of the European Union, Switzerland and Australia. Software developers have also begun to support decentralized sites on a crypto domain.

Representatives of the company responsible for supporting the Opera browser have announced the possibility of purchasing bitcoins and ethereum through built-in features. This information was recently released through a press release. To do this, the developers had to enter into an agreement with a startup Wyre, which is based in the US and offers money transfer services.

Operations with digital assets will be carried out by users through a built-in crypto wallet, which will appear in the Opera browser. The developers thus plan to reduce the number of intermediaries who will participate in the coin sale and purchase process. This was reported by Charles Hamel, representing the interests of the Norwegian company. According to the specialist, this will simplify the process of buying tokens and thus promote the spread of blockchain technologies.

The ability to buy coins directly from your wallet without trading floors or exchangers will simplify user action. This feature will appear in many regions and help develop blockchain technology.

In addition, Opera browser now has access to decentralized websites. Also, users can now make cryptocurrency transactions. To do this, the developers have contracted with Unstoppable Domains. This has already been reported on the official Twitter page.

The new feature will allow Android mobile users to view decentralized sites created on the .crypto domain in the Opera application. They are controlled by blockchain, so website owners are not dependent on intermediary operators, company representatives explained.

The developers explained that governments from different countries would have the opportunity to block access to decentralized sites, just like any other. If this happens, you can use VPN or other similar services.

In the middle of this month, Opera already has the opportunity to buy tokens on Bitcoin and Ethereum for Americans. This option will soon be available in almost thirty other countries.

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