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What will help to grow bitcoin according to Kraken analysts?

Analysts from the Kraken exchange made a bold assumption that Bitcoin would cost $ 350,000 by 2044. In their block, they published a study with a forecast and explained that a digital coin in the next two decades will become even more common than before.

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Over the same 25-year period, wealth of $ 68.4 trillion will gradually pass. dollars from the older generation to the millennials (24-39 years old) and the generation at 40-55 years old. Experts cited a study by Private Wealth Management. As a result, young people will have the opportunity to invest $ 971 million in digital coins, and this will lead to an increase in the cost of BTC.

According to Kraken analysts, over the next decades, millennials and generation X will be able to invest about a trillion dollars in bitcoin. Given the limited issue of coins, their value will increase by 2044 to a record 350 thousand dollars.

Analysts from Kraken also noted that this forecast takes into account the distribution of assets among US citizens. If the tendency to invest part of the funds in BTC affects other countries, one should expect an even higher cost of the main digital coin, experts say.

They also noted that the growth in the number of professions in the blockchain sphere can testify to the systematic recognition of digital assets. Also, reducing the volatility of the BTC rate will help this. The indicator fell significantly against the background of 2010-2015. Analysts noted, citing Finder data, that 23% of users who are familiar with digital assets do not invest their savings in them, as they are afraid of losing investments.

Earlier this month, confidence in the active distribution of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the future was expressed by Brian Armstrong, head of the Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange. According to the expert, the number of cryptocurrency users reaches 50 million people, but gradually this number will increase to 5 billion. Armstrong is also sure that the massive adoption of digital assets will occur like the spread of the Internet in due time.

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